1. A thought-provoking documentary account of North Philadelphia police and their interactions with people involved in drug dealing, prostitution, and shootings. From the BBC’s Louis Theroux two years ago.

  2. My first new favorite song of 2014. 

  3. Great interview…Sway + Nikki Giovanni

  4. I always love these. They low-key ethered Nick Foles though. 


  5. I love this concept of interest-free microfinance…helping people get their business ideas going so that they can be self-sufficient. Everybody needs help sometimes. 


  6. #preach

  7. Saw this the other day. Would love to see more. I often say that the person who makes a (quality) documentary about the changes, controversies, and craziness of Trenton in the past ten years is gonna get an Academy Award.

  8. Laughing out loud and tearing up from this hilarity. Free Boosie. R.I.P. Pimp C.

  9. robinhoodnyc:

    Congratulations to Success Academy Charter Schools for all of its achievements  and being named a 2013 Robin Hood Hero.

    Success Academy Charter Schools founded in 2006 on the strength of the “Success for All” curriculum, has scaled up rapidly while maintaining a focus on rigorous and joyful learning. Starting from one Harlem school serving 165 students in kindergarten and first grade, the network has now grown to serve 6,700 scholars in 22 elementary schools. Eva Moskowitz, CEO of Success Academy, accepted the award.