1. :o

  2. This is funny, but the belief that African parents can’t be pranked isn’t true. I recall convincing my mother about a year ago that the rattlesnake bites Texas Roadhouse sells were actual rattlesnake.

  3. I miss being in schools all the time….

  4. Boosie Boo!

  5. R.I.P. Biggie

  6. My favorite joint off of Mastermind.

  7. Boosie’s home.

  8. Last day of Black History Month. One of our greatest artists kept it too real for many this week on a controversial topic in our community—gentrification. As is often the case, he’s dead on.

    Funnily enough, today I signed a lease that will take me from my approximately 75% Black and Latino hometown to a nearly 80% White township. Still, if I cross my street I’m back in my hometown—I’m directly on the border. 

  9. Data #MyKindleKnowsMe #GoingStirCrazyInside

  10. Fire from my 2nd favorite Chiraq MC (first is Durk).